Proof #250 of LGBTQ Mental Illness: Confusion

Those who support LGBTQs are constantly confusing things; in particular, genetic abnormalities (gender paranormalities) and sexual grouping.  For example, they will correctly state that there are hermaphrodites (people born with sexual characteristics of both genders [such characteristics never both fully functional]) and then claim that LGBTQs are “partial hermaphrodites.”  What utter nonsense!  LGBTQs are genetically no different than any other non-hermaphrodite.  The confusion comes in when a hermaphrodite chooses to become an LGBTQ.  The LGBTQ “confusers” then say, “See a hermaphrodite is a type of LGBTQ.”  That’s like saying, “I added an apple to a pile of oranges; so, now I have a larger pile of oranges.”